CDC announces the world’s largest untreated High-quality Created Diamond

Recently, Created Diamonds Company(CDC) announced up-to-date the world’s largest high-quality created diamonds, which is supreme in both colour and clarity while without any post-growth treatments or enhancements. Shortly the stone caused much of a stir in the LGD industry.

7.06Carat, F, VVS2, 3EX, no fluorescence

The diamond has been identified by the IGI (International Gemmological Institute) with relevant specifications showing below:

Weight: 7.06 carats, Color: F, Clarity: VVS2, Cut: 3EX, Fluorescence: None

Provided by Hangzhou ChaoRan Diamond Co., Ltd.(ChaoRan), this super diamond was created through CVD ( Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. According to ChaoRan staff, before being designed, cut and polished ,the rough stone weighed 28 carats. And the final come-out of the polished stone reached 7.06 carat. Which made it currently the world’s largest unheated high quality CVD round diamond.


CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is one of the 2 methods to create diamonds. HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) represents the other.

Speakingof the 2 technologies, HPHT was applied years earlier than its counterpart CVD tocreating gem-quality diamonds. HPHT diamonds has already emerged in the jewellerymarkets in 2010; while CVD diamonds started to show up from 2013 .

In terms of grades, the colour of HPHT diamond usually can reachto D-F, but most of thestones’ clarity ranges around SI.While according to the industry, the CVD technology seems alwayslack of control in colour stability. A large proportion of CVD products need post-growth treatments or enhancements in orderto get better grading .

Statistic shows that, a USA based CVD company – Washington Diamonds – has created a 9.04ct diamond in 2018. Although it had broken the history record of LGD diamonds in weight, its quality still could not walk beyond the low-level quality barrier, with only I colour / VS2 clarity

Thisreflects a typical difficulty in creating diamonds through the CVD technology.

It’s worth mentioning that,  owning the world’sbest technology of CVD, Hangzhou Chaoran Diamond Co., Ltd is capable of creating diamonds not only with high colour and clarity, butalso without any post-growth treatments or enhancements. This technical advantage has made Chaoranone of the industry leaders.

After established a strategic partnership with Created Diamonds Company, ChaoRan has been committed to the technical innovation. And after unremitting efforts, the company finally made this 7.06ct super quality diamond possible in 2020.

At present, the diamond is not priced. CDC said that everyone may have the opportunity to see the sparkle of this super created diamond at the next major jewellery exhibitions domestically and overseas.