• The Lab-Grown Diamond Patent Battle Is Heating Up

    To grow diamonds, you need a lot of heat and pressure. And now,we’re seeing that on the legal front as well. On Friday, the High Court of Singapore ruled that diamond growerIIa Technologies had infringed on a patent (SG 872) held by De Beers’industrial diamond division, Element Six. The patent relates to the production of diamonds using the chemicalvapor deposition method. In her 199-page ruling, which followed a trial and four years oflitigation, Justice Valerie Thean ordered IIa—whose diamonds are sold by sistercompany Pure Grown Diamonds—to cease producing any items that infringe onElement Six’s CVD growing patent. In a statement, IIa said the company and its “lawyers are studyingthe judgment and will consider its next steps.” “IIa Technologies has developed its proprietary process in thelast 15 years and is proud of the work we have done to bring lab grown diamondsto the world,” said chief executive officer Vishal Mehta in the statement. “Thecurrent judgment will be considered in its entirety and then the company willtake necessary steps to protect its interests.” Element Six did lose on one claim. The court…

    February 8, 2020